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Look Professional In Your 20’s

July 16, 2011


So you’ve graduated and maybe even got a job and your feeling pretty good about life (besides that giant student loan hanging over your head). But who cares, for the first time in your life you have money to spend and a way to earn more. Your parents are proud of you and even though […]

Start spreadin’ the news…..I’m leavin’ today!

July 15, 2011


New York is….well its New York. We all know it and we’ve all seen it featured in way too many films and TV shows. It’s glamorous, scenic, iconic and just all round one of the most desired places to live. It must feel great being able to say that your a New Yorker when people […]

To move to New York….

July 15, 2011


…or not to move to New york, that is the question! New post coming soon discussing the pros and cons of moving to New York, and how I personally would go about doing it. Should be up in a few hours! Rosebud.