Top 5 Green Architecture Projects

Posted on December 16, 2011


Green architecture projects are blossoming around the world, so to speak, and many amazing and wonderful designs are coming out of the commercial and residential industries. Corporate and personal responsibility towards the environment is becoming a welcome trend and to analyse where the best routes are for future developers to journey, we need to stop and admire some of the endeavours already built. Many persons are aiming to be more eco friendly, so when looking at luxury property for rent in London, sustainability is a factor that enters a person’s purchase checklist whereas before it would never get a second glance. So we look to celebrate the trends and growing importance of green architecture by looking at 5 of our favourite green buildings around the world.

1)    Dar Hi, Tunisia

This eco retreat features a collection of buildings built of clay and focused on renewable and sustainable means. Each unit constructed is specially designed to control the exposure to the sun with calculations made to ensure they are comfortable for guests. All the materials for construction were sourced from local markets and the arrangement of a sustainable garden forms the central point of the green architecture endeavours and provides fresh produce for meals at the resort all year round.

2)    High Tech High Chula Vista

This green architecture school design has its own weather station that will adjust shutters to control lighting and temperature throughout the school to utilise natural resources. All irrigation and water solutions are controlled by the building management system which prioritises the sustainable lifestyle and the ethos of the school teachings are exemplified.

3)     Twelve West in Portland

Designed by the green architects who call this building home, Twelve West also houses commercial space on ground level, apartments and parking. The building was designed to be granted two LEED Platinum Certifications and also has a rooftop garden, theatre and wind units on the roof to not only harness solar power, but wind power as well for building use.

4)    Eaton Smart Hotel in Hong Kong

In a city which has some of the highest pollution rates in the world; it’s not surprising that someone had the amazing idea of incorporating a living and recycling plant wall to assist fresh air inside the hotel. Most of the interior has been constructed using bamboo, which is easily cultivated for renovations and is durable enough for almost any construction requirement.

5)    Komb House, Egypt

This green architecture design is focused on being able to be moved at any time to a new location, making the entire structure recyclable. While many will look at luxury property for sale in Pisa, designer Karim Rashid focused on using natural materials of wood with glass and metal to create a house sustainable in every facet. Solar panels and shared water units for all the plumbing cement the commitment of the designer to the ideal of green living.

These 5 buildings are a true testament to eco friendly design that integrates itself with the natural world and not only minimises impact but also may benefit human existence around them. Green architecture designs are gaining support and awards each year, and just when you think you’ve seen something never thought of, designs with earth saving potential come out of the minds of designers.

Sally Roberts is a freelance writer with a keen interest in design and eco friendly living. Through her articles she aims to promote the design of green products and ideas for the future of the planet.