Top 5 Designer Princess Wedding Gowns

Posted on December 17, 2011


Top 5 Designer Princess Wedding Gowns – Show Your Grace

Each bride is a princess who will set feet in the palace. A graceful & gorgeous ball gown wedding dress is desired by all of them. It’s a reality that modern girls embrace more luxurious appreciation for beauty. While hunting for their wedding gowns, they always tend to choose dresses with well-known labels. So, in this article, you will see 5 designer princess wedding dresses, which lead the current trends. With any of them, you will also fall in deep love with yourself :D.

Top 1: Lee Seung Jin Princess Wedding Dress

Top 1 Lee Seung Jin Princess Wedding Dress

Blooming hemline fluctuates along with the air, seeming like lightsome foam. Reticular jacket, which is delicately decorated by diamond ornaments, is sexy and bright. Big flower at the collar bone and small flower decorations on the ball gown both construct artistic sense, speaking for irresistible elegance.

Top 2: Lee Seung Jin Ball Gown Wedding Dress

Top 2 Lee Seung Jin Ball Gown Wedding Dress

The jacket is adorned by bright crystals. Fresh and glaring flowers are sprinkled irregularly on the chest, which feel dreamlike and romantic. Layered hemline design becomes a finishing touch for the entire dress, making it lightsome and unique.

Top 3: Model Novias Princess Wedding Dress

Top 3 Model Novias Princess Wedding Dress

The understated dress is decorated by delicate lace. Stack-up ripple-styled empire waist dress is made from fine gauze. Romance gets a better accentuation in this case. But what really makes this wedding gown unique is the feather-like shawl. Except feeling elegant and agile, it especially adds a noble touch for the dress. This design theme exactly helps girls charm the crowd on a wedding when the climate tends to be a little chilly.

Top 4: Manu Alvarez Princess Wedding Dress

Top 4 Manu Alvarez Princess Wedding Dress

Layered semi-transparent ball gown has already been dreamlike enough. Besides, exquisite lace decorations on the fine gauze, brightly broken diamond adornments on the waist, floor-length veil and clean updo all spice up the aristocratic & dreamlike princess-like appearance!

Top 5: Noviad Art Princess Wedding Dress

Top 5 Noviad Art Princess Wedding Dress

Designer picked out fine and smooth satin to make this gown. Asymmetrical neckline and twined pattern around the waist ideally flatter the sexy figure. Fluffy ball gown hemline forges perfectly princess-like appeal. Exquisite rose embroidery on the hemline show different light sensation. Details even take a more crucial role in speaking for the long-awaited luxury.


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