A Society of Addicts

Posted on December 19, 2011


People often accuse, and I mean Accuse me of being overly cynical. But hey, guess what it’s who I am, and if you don’t like it, stop reading, but seriously as a Society, we are all addicts. All of us are drug crazed and dependent automatons for the most part.

How many of you go out to a day job, and do the same tasks (With perhaps some slight variation) day in and day out, and spend most of it drinking tea or coffee?

How many of you reading this smoke?

Medically speaking, by my estimation, 99% of the 1st world population are Addicts. Admittedly it’s usually to either caffeine or nicotine, but I don’t think people understand the fact that they are in fact addicts.

I challenge each and every one of you to go ONE solid day without your drug of choice. The realist in my knows that less than half of you will even decide to try, and of those that do, only about a quarter will remember to do it, and maybe HALF of that quarter will succeed.

So given how addicted we are as 1st world people, how can some people get so self righteous with other people over their addictions.

Now I’m by no means condoning drug abuse, because it leads to a lot of different things, like theft and crimes that get worse as the list goes down, But seriously, what kind of sanctimonious shit do you have to be, smoking on a cigarette and downing your coffee whilst decrying the heroin users or pot smokers out there. At the end of the day, congratulations your are a hypocrite, and your head is stuck right up your arse.

So here’s a life lesson for you all out here. If you want to be seen as moral individuals, above the people who decide to ruin their lives on substance abuse, make sure you are clean of your own sins before you start throwing the rocks.

Or better yet, get out there and help people in trouble or in need instead of trying to perch on some moral high horse.

When Dave isn’t writing angry cynical rants or pieces about coffee, he designs websites and web applications. You can go read some more of his rants on his own blog The Musings of Dave