Twitter: What You Should & Shouldn’t Care About

Posted on January 24, 2012


Unless you’ve been living in outer Mongolia herding sheep for the past 10 years you should know what Twitter is so I’m not going to go through a description of what it is. With over 300 million users that generate almost the same number of tweets a day, Twitter is a formidable force is marketing and brand building.

There are probably more than 300 million blog posts and articles out there telling you how to increase your popularity and followers on twitter and they all tell you that your Klout score or your number of retweets and mentions are what indicate that you’ve gotten through to your customers or target audience but here’s the thing, that’s all crap.

These guys call themselves ‘social media gurus’ and they dole out advice at the rate of a few articles a week on a variety of topics and they tell you what you should care about. I never liked that, I never liked people telling me why I started doing something, because nobody should say ‘I know why you did this, it’s because you want to (insert their own agenda here) and here’s how to do it.’

It doesn’t matter if your a large multi-national company or a small business that only you work on and are trying to get the ball rolling on, I assure you that if you read too many of these generic ‘Top 10 Ways to Be Popular on Twitter’ articles, your mind is going to blow up. Everyone seems to have an opinion on what to do and how to do it and their all convinced that theirs is the best way to do it.

Here’s what you should care about: personal relationships. No matter the size of your operation, nothing is more valuable to a company or individual than good solid personal relationships with others. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 thousand followers but you’ve never actually spoken to any of them, because no matter how much you tweet, their never going to pay attention to your tweets. Whereas if you have just 100 followers but know each of them personally they will all pay attention to what you’ve posted. They will talk about it, recommend it, retweet it and get others to read it.

If you want the perfect example of why follower count doesn’t matter just take a look at Beyonce’s twitter page. She has over 10 million followers and not a single tweet, if that the kind of account you want to have? If it is then stop read right now and close this page down, this isn’t the article for you.

I’ve seen one user on twitter that has around 25k followers but when asked how she got them has no idea! But I had a look at her tweets and I understood, it’s because she interacts more with her followers than the majority of users. She isn’t trying to sell anything or promote anything, she just tweets about her life and has conversations with people and she’s a nice person, so people follow her and pay attention to what she’s saying.

So my main point is this: don’t worry about what the articles are saying or what your Klout score is or how many followers you have or how many retweets and mentions you get. Build relationships with people and you will become more popular than you could have in any of the other ways and hey, you might make some damn good friends along the way, I have. And what more could you want from a networking site?