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A Note From Azmain

December 22, 2011


Hey boys and girls! As you may have noticed there have been no new posts on the site since the 19th of December. That’s primarily because I’ve been quite busy with the holiday season festivities and spending time with my family and loved ones and I’m sure you have to. This is just a little […]

To learn from the greats…

November 23, 2011


Now who doesn’t remember this? The iconic, amazing Ali vs Liston fight which we’ve all seen, if not the actual version then the version in the Will Smith movie (but seriously, I urge you to watch the actual fight). So in lieu of what Ali and numerous other famous men have taught me about life, […]

To move to New York….

July 15, 2011


…or not to move to New york, that is the question! New post coming soon discussing the pros and cons of moving to New York, and how I personally would go about doing it. Should be up in a few hours! Rosebud.