Guest Blogging

I created this site as an all purpose writing and publishing platform for me anyone else who is interested in writing for it. The topic doesn’t really matter as long as the article is interesting and well written. That is all I ask from my guest writers. I don’t care if you are a well established writer or someone who has recently started their own blog. If you have a passion for writing then I want to read and publish your work. In addition to my 2 rules for articles I also ask that you write a few lines about yourself at the end of the post, a picture is welcome and beneficial but not necessary. In terms of back-links, I ask that you keep it to a minimum and try not to go over 2 in the bio section and 3 in the post itself. And that’s it! So if you think those are pretty reasonable expectations then please feel free to contact me at Even if you don’t or just have a questions, send a mail my way and I’ll get back to you.

I look forward to hearing from you!


N.B. I can’t believe I’m having to put this but please make sure that the articles you submit are unique and have not been published before. And if it has been, please edit it before sending it to me. This is due to a significant amount of people emailing me asking if they can just copy and paste posts from their blog and publish it on mine.

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